Pressure Grout Solution / Void Fill

Pressure Grout Solutions

Compaction Grouting and void filling

pressure grout fillManufacturing machines that vibrate and thump material also vibrate the pad they sit on. While you may not see evidence on the concrete surface; machines that frequently need adjusted or re-calibrated are usually result of voids beneath the slab.  We usually repair the issue without removing the equipment.  Also in this competitive environment we understand the need for you to keep up production.  We can accommodate your production schedule to work evenings, weekends or even shutdowns so you can keep up your production.

Uneven warehouse floor slabs

Many warehouse structures have loading docks so the floor is elevated to accept truck deliveries. Over time the back fill used to build up the slab will crush and compact or erosion could be a culprit.  We address the issue and level the slab usually without the cost of removing and replacing it.

Pipe Erosion Issues – Pressure Grouting

Instead of costly and invasive traditional water pipe repairs where contractors shut down traffic, tear up streets and create noisy demolition, and waste resources.  We void fill washed out areas around smaller pipes and fix larger water pipes and other underground utilities without digging them up.  We inject the cavity around the pipe or use expansive foam to fill the void.  We can prep and inject the ground around the pipe or, if we can gain access, set injection ports from inside the pipe!  Not only does it fix the pipe it also fills any voids and stabilizes the soil where water may have eroded.



When lines are out of service and no longer necessary many times they need dug up and back filled. That is very expensive especially in areas where the pipe runs near a structure, under asphalt or concrete roadways, or next to other utility lines. That’s where we come in to play. By setting bulkheads and vent ports we pressurize grout to abandon the line in place. Providing a solid filled pipe where the void once was with minimal surface disruption. We offer fast and friendly service, as well as, a variety of grouting material and equipment to adapt to the demands of each project.

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