Substructure Maintenance, repairing leaking cracks and damp areas

While epoxy is a suitable crack repair chemical for dry environments, other chemical injection materials is better suited for wet or leaking crack applications.   We exclusively offer POLYGEL PLUS, a hydrophilic polyurethane formulation.   This basically means the gel chemically reacts with water in the leaking area to expand up to 25 times its initially injected volume! This is an excellent option for leaking basements, dams, wastewater treatment plants, tunnels, manholes and substructure maintenance.  Give us a call so we can meet your needs today.

Applications for Epoxy, Expansive Foam Injection, and Water Plug:


Floor Repairs

Leaking Roof Systems

Water Treatment Facilities

Water Containment Structures

Parking Garages




Containment Pits

Corn and Bean Silos

Leaking Earth Dams

Transportation Facilities and Terminals

Underground structures

Underground storage tanks

Energy and Power Plants

Municipal Water Structures

Crystalline Waterproofing Service

Crystalline waterproofing technology is recognized worldwide for its unparalleled waterproofing and protection.  The Process of hydrophobic impregnation is a treatment of, concrete, block, brick and other porous surfaces, to create a water-repellent surface. During this waterproofing process we chemically treat the structure and fill the microscopic pores and capillaries internally.

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