Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repairs

Commercial Concrete Sidewalk Repair

At Concrete M.D. we offer solutions for uneven concrete trip hazards. We are happy service Greater Indianapolis and Greater Cincinnati areas.

We provide concrete leveling solutions. We provide concrete grinding options to remove concrete trip hazards and creating a textured concrete surface so the area is flat and the trip hazard is removed!

We also provide a concrete leveling service. This process is commonly referred to as “slabjacking” or “mudjacking”. Our quality product ensures that the void under the slab is filled before it is pressurized and lifted. After the slab is lifted to its desired position, the small injection holes are patched and any cracks or separated expansion joints are cleaned out and sealed with a suitable joint sealant to keep water, snow, and ice out of the repaired area.
An uneven floor is a hazard for friends, customers, tenants, and employees.

Responsible owners should comply with The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 regulating that flooring must be within 1/4″ of level. Anything greater is a possible lawsuit!

Advantages of Lifting Settled Concrete

SAVINGS – 50% to 70% less than the rip out and replace cost

ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY – Repair sunken concrete rather removing and replacing concrete which will fill landfills with heavy, awkward old concrete and depletes our natural resources when making new concrete.

SAFETY – Uneven concrete pavement is hazardous and increases the possibility of dangerous falls and expensive lawsuits.

CONVENIENCE – There is no need to remove existing garages, fences, or other structures located ON the broken/sunken slab. Floor is usable that day!

SPEED – Most jobs are completed in one day, and can be used the same day.

MINIMAL ENVIRONMENT DISRUPTION – There is no need for heavy demolition equipment so there is minimal sound pollution, street congestion, and landscape disruption.

AESTHETICS – New concrete is much whiter and will not match the existing concrete. Slabjacking, when possible, is the better aesthetic option.

Many times trip hazards occur because of:
-poor compaction under the slab during original construction
-concrete slabs and sidewalks without steel reinforcements across expansion joints
-rain erosion
-failed building drain washing out under the concrete
-tree roots upheaving slabs
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In addition to our economical solutions for grinding and concrete lifting we offer a concrete removal and replacement option. This is a great solutions if the slab it deteriorated, cracked and/or sunken.

When concrete removal and replacement is the best option, make sure to hire the right contractor. Our professional service does the job right the first time! After removal we set dowel pins into the existing perimeter of the slab, use the best quality concrete, and after the finishing, we use a proper sealer to protect the slab for years to come. As well as our quality product we can work around your schedule to keep your employees and customers safe.

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